Energy is never consumed, it's converted into different forms. In a data center servers consume massive amounts of electricity, which in the course of computation is converted into massive amounts of heat. As a result, the environmental systems which keep a data center cool are equally critical components in keeping your infrastructure online.

The Aecero data center features fully redundant environmental systems, from redundant computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units in each data center suite to multiple reservoirs providing capacity for 22,000 gallons of emergency water. Most data centers have generators which rely on fuel reservoirs, and most also have cooling systems which rely on water. However, how many data centers have water reservoirs? Broken pipes, lost water pressure due to power outages, and other situations can interrupt municipal water systems. Fortunately our data center doesn't rely on municipal water to provide cooling!

Within the data center cooling is carefully managed on the raised floor by the Aecero engineering team. We work with clients to ensure critical loads are properly distributed, preventing hot spots that may lead to premature hardware failure and potential downtime.

The resiliency of our data center allows us to offer 100% Service Level Agreements (SLAs)! We'd be happy to walk you through the multiple layers of redundancy which enable us to provide this guarantee. Please contact us today to learn more and schedule a tour!

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