Fire protection systems are often the cause of catastrophic data center outages. The release of water from fire protection systems, whether accidental or due to a minor incident, generally causes extensive damage which takes time to repair. Even backup power sources may be unavailable if power is delivered through a central electrical system which must be de-energized due to water.

Fortunately, the Aecero data center features multiple levels of protection against fire and water damage! Our first line of defense is VESDA® (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). Using laser detection of air particles, VESDA® detects smoke long before traditional smoke detectors. This helps our team respond quickly to any potential hazards, before they lead to a fire alarm.

Our second line of defense is the FM-200® clean agent fire suppression systems installed in all data center suites and power rooms. Unlike traditional water or other fire suppression systems, FM-200® is gas based, leaves no residue, and doesn't require costly clean-up. FM-200® is also considered safe for occupied areas.

Our third line of defense, though any fire should already have been extinguished by the FM-200® systems, is water. However, the Aecero data center features a dry-pipe double-interlocked sprinkler system, which means there is normally no water in the sprinkler pipes throughout our facility. This helps prevent against any accidental release of water. Only a fire alarm will release the first interlock. The second interlock will only be released if fire melts a sprinkler fuse, at which point water will flow only to that particular location.

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