The Aecero data center provides not only enterprise colocation services, but also serves as a telecom carrier hotel. Our facility is adjacent to two of the most dense fiber arteries in Southern California. This has led the largest telecom carriers to build an incredible total of more than 70 four inch conduits to our campus, with multiple diverse paths to our meet-me-rooms!

Thanks to our position as part of the core network backbone for most carriers in our meet-me-rooms, connectivity at the Aecero data center benefits from higher resiliency, less hops, and lower latency, than nearly anywhere else.

As a carrier neutral data center, you are free to work directly with your choice of carriers in our meet-me-rooms. Or you may leverage our relationships and experience with the telecom carriers, and have us build and manage your network for you.

Internet bandwidth is also available from Aecero as a blend of top tier carriers, with no router required. Our engineering team will manage traffic for you to ensure delivery via the best path, adjusting routes as necessary to avoid occasional carrier issues, with our fully redundant network infrastructure.

Carriers available include:

Need high-speed low-latency connectivity directly to a public cloud computing provider? The Aecero Cloud Exchange provides dedicated connections at speeds of up to 80 Gbps per interconnect to many public cloud platforms including:

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
Google Cloud Interconnect

Aecero's dark fiber network to the communication hubs in downtown Los Angeles provides practically unlimited capacity (over 8 Tbps) to the Aecero Cloud Exchange.

Aecero's network also provides access to all the carriers and service providers who have a presence in the downtown Los Angeles meet-me-rooms at 600 W. 7th St. (Digital Realty) and 624 S. Grand Ave. (One Wilshire). Now all of the connectivity options available in downtown Los Angeles are available at Aecero, but without all the traffic headaches, limited power, and low-tier redundancy of Los Angeles data centers.

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